Hey, I'm Patrick. Here's what I look like.

And here's what I look like in space with President Obama.

I'm a twenty-two year-old person from the UK. I work at a board games cafe, which is pretty cool.

I love games - board games, card games, video games, folk games, word games, roleplaying games... I could talk about them all day. I've made one or two myself, and I think they're pretty good.

Sometimes I write stuff too. Stories and things. But I'm less proud of that stuff, because I wrote it longer ago, and I always assume that the latest thing I'm working on is going to be the best thing I've ever created until I get bored and move on to another thing. A good one I want to share is Our Paris, a guide/fiction collection of a world I created with my partner.

I think vegetarian pizza is the best pizza.


I'm slowly trying to build up a portfolio of games I can be proud of. Here's a good start.

Horizon is a live-action roleplaying game (LARP) that I created and currently ref with LURPS, the Lancaster University Roleplaying Society. In it, players represent delegates from one of six versions of the planet Earth who have simultaneously discovered the existence of parallel universes and decided to set up a Parliament to deal with it. It's sprawling and weird, but the players seem to like it. All the best stuff in the worldsbuilding was done by Tom Lynch and Thomas "Weasel" Tyler anyway.

Sixspells is an abstract strategy game. It takes some cues from chess and Tak, but uses polyhedral dice to represent potential spells that players can cast. It's very nerdy and still in testing.

Parallel Lives is a roleplaying game based on Fate Core, designed to emulate anthology stories and the connections between them.

The Last Word is a fifteen minute word game that uses Scrabble tiles.


I'm the Community Manager for a podcast network called Plot Bubble with my friends, where we talk about shows we like and try to pick them apart in intelligent and funny ways.

I have a solo podcast called The Membrane about game design. Episodes run less than 15 minutes, and they come out when I have an idea for one.

Echo Podcast Reviews is a little podcast review site I run.


I'm enthusiastic about graphic design and web design, and like putting together websites that both look good and work. Here's some examples of my work.

Patrick Echo: You are here.

LURPS: The Lancaster University Roleplaying Society, for whom I served as Webmaster and completely rebuilt a website.

The Custom Magic Space: A primer and cheat sheet for creators of custom Magic: the Gathering cards. See also Brainstorm, the one-page version.

Echo Podcast Reviews: Just a Tumblr blog, sure, but I had to do a lot of fiddling behind the scenes to make the images interact with the links properly, so I'm proud of it.