Hey, it's Patrick.

I’m keeping busy here in Sheffield, UK, working on various projects here and there. Most of the time I’m making coffee for customers at The Treehouse board game cafe, but I’m also running their roleplaying game events. We’re doing an ambitious D&D project called Solken, where we take multiple tables of players through the same adventure structure, giving the sense of a much larger world. It’s a lot of fun.

What else? I’m writing a book called Audacity, which is based off a roleplaying game I created back when I lived in Lancaster. It’s a sci-fi novel about politics and what people expect from their representatives, and how that often clashes with reality. I think the idea’s pretty interesting, now I just kind of have to…write the thing. So weird that books don’t just appear out of nowhere.

I’m also thinking a lot about board game design. Among other stray thoughts, I’m considering new ways to play abstract games (Have you guys seen Go? It’s, like, a transcendentally good game), the mechanics of a mega-game I could organise at work (current thought is a team game in spaceships), and a worker placement game about travelling through time. My favourite games right now are Go, Tash-Kalar, and Twilight Imperium.

I’m doing some improv, but I’m not very good at it. I’m reading Cixin Liu’s “The Three-Body Problem” right now, but I might already be done with that once you read this, in which case I’ll have started on the sequel or another Iain M. Banks book. I’m on a course to get my Level 3 qualification in British Sign Language, and I’m eating a lot of grilled cheese. I’m listening to the Mountain Goats, as always, and trying to stay off Twitter. It isn’t working very well. Anyway, that’s all. Bye!