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From Patrick Lickman

Below are a few examples of my work with past clients as well as some personal projects. Scroll to the bottom for a full list!

The Story of Substance - Magic's Lost Mechanic


This video on one of Magic: the Gathering's most obscure mechanics has been my most successful solo effort so far, raising over 2,000 views from the Magic community. It was a video I'd been planning in my head for over two years before finally getting to finish it, and I'm thrilled with the response it received.

A Guide To Teysa Karlov EDH/Commander

Tolarian Community College

This is one of a few videos I've been making for Tolarian Community College, a Magic YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers. This one in particular posed a challenge to demonstrate some complex card interactions as clearly as possible.

Treehouse Quick Teaches - The Crew

The Treehouse board game cafe

At my board game cafe job we have a selection of games available for sale - this is the first video in a series intended to promote those games, as well as teach the basics of the rules. I wrote, shot, animated, and edited this video with my colleagues at the cafe.

How To Build Better Magic: the Gathering Decks

Tolarian Community College

This video for Tolarian Community College involved a mix of live-action footage and motion design. It was a monster of an edit but I was absolutely thrilled with the final product. In a twenty-minute video, the trick was to not overwhelm the audience with information but to maintain their interest - a careful balance!

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