Fabulous Video Editing Services

From Patrick Lickman

What I Do

Much of my work up to this point has been in motion graphic design. That generally involves animating elements to enter and leave the frame while a narration track discusses those same elements. It can also include simulating realistic physics without using filmed footage.

Often, I start with nothing but the narration, and build everything - backgrounds, images, movement, sound effects - from there.

I also work with real footage, and while I don't own any video equipment myself I've worked with friends and colleagues to light, shoot, and color footage.


I've outlined my skills and proficiences below. This isn't an exhaustive list, and I'm a fast learner, so email me if you want to find out whether we're a good fit!

Adobe Premiere Pro

I use Adobe Premiere Pro for the bulk of my editing work, and have done so for many years. Organising files and arranging clips is a breeze, and creating simpler graphics (like titles or captions) is often faster to do in Premiere Pro than in another program.

Adobe After Effects

When animations get more complex, I turn to After Effects. I've used this to animate 3D images of cards and logos, fine-tune timing, create animations with dozens or even hundreds of elements, and make use of powerful tools like CC Particle World.

Adobe Photoshop

I find Photoshop really useful for tasks like separating elements of an image to animate separately or creating specific layouts using alignment tools.

Google Docs

Simple as it might be, I use Google Docs every day while editing to keep track of my progress through the script, add notes for myself and others as I go, and generally arrange my thoughts for each project.